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Would You Make a Legacy Gift to Your Organization?

I recently went through the "what if" exercise with my estate plan. What if, by the end of my life, I can leave legacy gifts to causes I care a lot about? To what organizations do I give? My legacy gifts could be game-changing for some. Uneventful and barely noticed by others.   Presumably, the organizations who [...]

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How to Ensure You are Ready for a Campaign Feasibility Study

As a firm, we’ve experienced all levels of readiness when organizations reach out about a campaign feasibility study. By successfully preparing for a study, it could mean the difference between a green light to proceed with a campaign, a blinking yellow caution light and a full-on flashing red stop sign.  How can organizations ensure that [...]

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How the Sierra Club Broke All The Norms to Help Frontline Organizations

Learn the top 2 fundraising strategies the Sierra Club used during the early days of COVID to raise $150k for partner organizations and engage 1600 members.

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The Unanticipated Benefits of Engaging a Fundraising Consultant

Published in AFP Fundraising is challenging, whether to sustain a nonprofit’s operations or launch a campaign for growth and expansion. So, why should an organization consider engaging a consultant when so many do-it-yourself (DIY) tools are available online, in books and journals, and through fundraising courses, conferences, and webinars? READ THE ARTICLE   Ready [...]

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Nonprofit Constituencies of Support: Jeffersonian Dinners (Part I of II)

The Jeffersonian Dinner is a perfect way for non-profit organizations to build constituencies of support. Part I of II Can you imagine an engaged group of dinner guests like the men and women pictured above discussing your non-profit’s cause? Over the years we have incorporated “Jeffersonian Dinners” into our development/advancement strategies with a goal of: building [...]

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Questions that Prompt Nonprofit Gifts: Jeffersonian Dinners (Part II of II)

Build nonprofit constituencies of support at Jeffersonian Dinners with these conversation starters. Part II of II My first foray into Jeffersonian Dinners some 16 years ago resulted in rebuilding a university board.  Today, several of the guests from those dinners joined the board and have served in leadership positions including the role as Chair. It’s [...]

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First-Ever Major Gift Fundraising Benchmark Study

Major Gifts make up as much as 80 percent of a typical nonprofit organization’s charitable income in a year – and come from 20 percent or less of donors.  Yet only one third of study participants use a consistent strategy to identify major gift prospects. This first-ever “Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study” provides data on [...]

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5 Ways to Consistently Increase Major Gifts

At K2 Consulting Group, we recommend our clients use all of the tools outlined in the “2017 Major gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study” to increase their major gifts. (Read the study) As the study reveals, major donors are identified through two methods: Technology-based methods and human intelligence methods. I should add that before we had access to technological tools, [...]

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Development Officer Turnover: Why it Happens and What Can be Done (Part I of III)

Is your organization’s lead fundraising position a revolving door? Here's what you can do about development officer turnover. You’re not alone.  Our field is marked by some of the highest turnover of any profession.  That’s true for organizations of every size and sector. A few facts: Good fundraisers are ambitious, outgoing people; they naturally attract [...]

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