Ask Yourself

Looking at a big goal ahead?  Questions you might be asking?

1. Are We Ready for a Campaign?

You will be.  We’re “early-stage” campaign readiness experts.

“Early-stage campaign preparation” can mean the difference between a seven – figure lead gift and above or not.   The essential preparation for conducting a highly successful major campaign begins years in advance.  Such as identifying the right leaders, staff, donors, messaging, systems, budgets — oh, and time.   Let us help you ramp up your resources. Uncover donor potential. Coach execs and teams to excellence. Help you inspire your champions.  Generate generosity.

K2 can outline a path to your success, no matter how daunting it looks from where you are starting.

2. Can We Do This?  

Of course, your project is a challenge. Would it be worth doing otherwise?

Tap into our can-do spirit.  We thrive on tough challenges.  Big lifts. Steep ramps. Short timelines. Ambiguous ambitions. Count on K2 to look deeper into your organizational reality.  And then: honesty. Transparency. We bring the savvy to navigate deep waters, and the respect to convey the tough things.  It’s one of the reasons 80% who hire us, hire us more than once.

3. How Far Can We Reach?  

Want to see your potential from another point of view?  That’s what we do!  Time and again, we uncover our clients’ hidden opportunities and challenge them to reach higher. What gives us this uncommon insight? Uncommon experience. We’ve been in every role: staff, board, volunteer, counsel. In every kind of organization: start-up, turn-around, mom-and-pop, monolith.

4. Are We Resourced Right?  

Development success is easy; all you need are the right leaders, staff, constituents, donors, messages, technologies, budgets – oh, and time.   We will help you ramp up your resources, and maybe, adjust your ambitions.  We’ll help you uncover donor potential, coach your teams to excellence, inspire the old guard and elevate new champions. You will love surpassing your expectations.

5. Will Counsel Be Worth It?  

Engaging counsel is always a big decision.  Of course, it costs.  But not as much as missed opportunities, wasted time or even false steps.   If you’re climbing new heights, invest in a guide who’s breathed the air. We’ve been in your shoes — and many others (wingtips and high-tops, pumps and flats).

Our years of experience mean shorter learning curves and quicker results.

6. Is K2 a Fit?  

We’re in business…

1: … to make you look good and raise your capabilities. (It’s what partners do).

2: … to lend more than our skill set. Count on a partner with passion. (Expect heavy lifts, extra miles and midnight oils).

3: … to advance social justice. At K2, providing counsel is not an exercise in ego – it’s the way we choose to change the world.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“We went way above and beyond where our fundraising efforts ever have been. With your guidance we have laid the groundwork for the future.”

Independent School, Board Member

“Kathy, it is remarkable to see the building standing. I’m quite confident it wouldn’t have happened without your energy and leadership.”

Foundation, Executive Director

Let’s Get Started.