10 Reasons For Choosing K2


Return on Investment

K2 consistently delivers ideas and strategies that pay for the cost of counsel with increased revenue and volunteer engagement. Pure and simple.


“Can-Do” in Our DNA

We love tough challenges — big lifts, short timelines, ambiguous ambitions. It’s in our DNA. But we don’t compromise on quality. We get right to work catalyzing your organization with a vision, strategy and plan for achieving your goals.


Long-Term Thinking

Our team isn’t focused on short-term wins. We’re committed to building your infrastructure so you can sustain growth. Our biggest win is when clients feel they can build on the skills and strategies we introduced.


Raising the Bar, Not Just Raising Funds

We see your potential from another point of view. We uncover unrealized opportunities and hidden barriers. Then we encourage you to set your sights higher. Your board, staff and volunteers will love surpassing big goals!


We’ve Been in Your Shoes

We have years of experience with start-ups, organizational turn-arounds, and organizations ready to launch ambitious campaigns. We’ve served as a senior executive, staff supervisor and as a consultant. You won’t throw any curve balls we haven’t seen.


Size Matters – But Not the Way You Think

We are a boutique firm; that means you will always interface with a senior professional with a track record of results. The structure of large firms requires junior associates to lead the client interface. With K2 you won’t wait to hear the thoughts of your chief strategist!



We won’t just tell you what you need to do. We give you the tools to help you advance your work.


We Like to Go Steady

More than eighty percent of our clients have hired us more than once, to implement our recommendations or provide campaign counsel.


Cultural Understanding

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” – so say the sages. Transformations must be planned in light of the organization’s history and norms, expectations and customs. K2’s cultural sensitivity is well honed: multi-lingual and internationally traveled, we appreciate your organization as a nuanced, living system.


High Standards for Integrity

We assure our clients complete honesty, transparency and absolute confidentiality. Even when honesty is hard to hear (that’s what you hire us for). We set the highest standards for ourselves — and we’re dead serious about fundraising ethics.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I am in awe of you and thankful that you are helping us build capacity.

College, College President

“Kathy, thank you for everything. The leap of faith is easier to make thanks to you.”

Independent School, Head of School

Let’s Get Started.