Moorpark College

One strategy – four outcomes



Moorpark, California


From job readiness to basic needs and an energized board, Moorpark College Foundation helps students succeed — in college and life.


Fundraising for community college foundations has its own unique challenges, not the least of which students complete their four-year degrees at other institutions.

Capitalizing on Moorpark College’s strengths as one of California’s top-rated community colleges for its transfer rate to four-year institutions, curriculum quality, graduation rate and reputation for post-graduate employment – we accomplished four things designed to build the Foundation’s capacity.

"Job Ready Alumni Forum Series highlights Career Education Programs. A win-win strategy for board recruitment, funding, corporate partnerships, and student enrollment."

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Capitalizing on Moorpark College’s unique programmatic niches, we designed “Alumni Job Readiness Forums” – a strategy which 1) recruited new board leadership from surrounding biotech industry management for the Moorpark College Foundation, 2) raised new four-figure corporate gifts, and 3) boosted awareness of and student enrollment in the coveted biotechnology career readiness program and 4) is building relations with corporate partners.

"It’s hard to succeed in college when you are food and housing insecure."

After identifying board development as a key strategy toward advancing philanthropy, we focused on strategies for attracting major corporate entities in the region as one starting place. These include major pharmaceutical companies equipped for representation on the board as they rely on Moorpark College’s two-year biotechnology program for employee recruits. Through research, we identified leaders who either attended the college at one time or have children enrolled at Moorpark College. The Alumni Job Readiness Forums are a win-win strategy for promoting the College’s career readiness programs while raising corporate support, and strengthening the relationship between Moorpark College Foundation and major publicly traded and private companies.

An additional strategy raised significant new funding. Raising the community’s and funders’ awareness of the “basic needs” students are surviving without: specifically food and housing. Basics for which the State does not provide.

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