Transformational circumstances require creative revivals.



Santa Monica, California


Reimaging fundraising in a transformational time for performing arts.


BroadStage had yet to reopen from pandemic closure when K2 began our engagement.

No one could predict what transpired when theaters reopened: Devoted patrons and audiences have been slow to return – a nationwide industry challenge. Low audience attendance leads to a drop off in philanthropic support.

"Transformational circumstances require creative revivals– on the stage and behind the scenes."

K2 Role &

Capitalizing on BroadStage’s unique assets coupled with their strategic plan as a roadmap, we developed strategies focused on board development, board member recruitment, major gifts and patron membership.

"A year-end challenge raised an unimagined $200,000 in additional funds over several weeks."

  • Through the introduction of advanced technologies the development team, helped identify exceptional board prospects among the patron base, resulting in three new board members over the course of a year.
  • Intimate dinners at donors’ and board members’ homes, brought small groups of arts patrons to an engaging conversation around the arts. Not designed as a fundraiser, each dinner resulted in multiple four and five-figure gifts.
  • Pop-up cocktails with BroadStage artistic directors allowed donors to curate their season with the experts. And as a result, across-the-board gift renewals and even increases.
  • All staff want to feel ownership and empowerment. Action planning among the development team resulted in creative idea generation and measurable goal setting, enhancing skills and results.

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