Tree People

In an historic drought, a wellspring of philanthropy



Los Angeles, California


A beloved Los Angeles environmental organization in the midst of California’s emergency drought, finds much needed replenishment for its operational capacity along with an influx of support for the city’s trees and depleted landscapes.


A “drought emergency” campaign drew the attention of major donors helping to build awareness of TreePeople’s importance to Los Angeles while raising operational support.

Necessity leads to creative approaches. For preserving California’s trees, this meant new efforts to capture and channel sparse rainfall; for TreePeople’s development operation, it meant looking deep at its existing donor base for increased giving potential.

"Amid California’s devastating drought, L.A.’s trees were thirsty for rain."

K2 Role &

Building on TreePeople’s strengths as experts on water conservation and tree experts, K2 worked side by side by Founder, Andy Lipkis converting California’s prolonged drought situation into a focused campaign.

"Kathy knows how to listen and develop creative strategies for successfully engaging our donors."

Among these donors, and representative of them, was one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedic actresses.

K2 worked side-by-side with TreePeople Founder and then CEO to develop a customized strategy that related her philanthropic interests to the current crisis and coached executive staff through the cultivation and solicitation process.

Proof that the approach was on-target: the resulting six-figure check was not just this celebrity’s largest-ever gift to the organization, but it arrived the very next day.

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